Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Diva Challenge #205 - Year of the Goat

It's Monday, and Canada is celebrating "Family Day." That means a three day weekend for the Harms family. The weekly challenge will be on-line tomorrow, Tuesday. So my Tangling rhythm, being all set for a Monday Challenge, fell prey to one of my own choosing. I just received some Stamping ink pads. Never having used these materials before, I pounded a tile with a variety of colors in a kind of uncontrolled barrage. Obviously I got too intense and learned to use a scrap sheet of paper to eliminate that hot blast of full-blown ink color. I had fun with this Tile, despite its, "In you face," color pallet.

I learned about making stamps out of Mars Plastic erasers from the very learned members of the Intermountain Tanglers group. I need to gather some tools to carve these stamps. A single edge Razor Blade, and a Tooth Pick carved, poked and eeked out a pattern on a brand new Mars Plastic eraser for experimental purposes. That eraser carves so nicely. With practice and some sharp tools, one could sculpt anything out of this stuff.

I'm so glad that there are no mistakes in the Zentangle® lexicon. (Even though color only exists in ZIA's.) This art form truly "Rocks."

Patterns used on this crazy tripped-out Tile:
1- Mooka
2- N'Zeppel
3- Squid
4- Button
5- Flux
6- Fescu
7- Tipple
8- Starmap

Colors: Jim Holtz Distress Inks, Wild Honey, Mowed Lawn, Seedless Preserves, Fired Brick, and Salty Ocean. ( Are these not the most creative color names ever???)

Pen: (The usual Suspect.)  Sakura Pigma Micron, .01.
Tile: 3.5 x 3.5 Fabriano Tiepolo.

That brings us to the end of Monday, 
Now it's Tuesday, Official Diva Challenge Day. 

This Thursday is the Chinese New Year. 2015 is the Year of the Goat. This weeks challenge is to do Goats. Not only is there a goat string in my tile, but all of the patterns begin with the letters in "Goat". I also included the Chinese Character which is related to the Goat. This was an interesting Challenge.

Patterns Used.

1- Gnarly, Barbara Finwall
2- Oke, Michele B.
3- Ahh, Zentangle®
4- Aura, Zentangle®
5- Athitzi, Seven
6- Tearce, Pam Pincha
7- Tipple,Zentangle®
8- TrentWith

Pens used: Sekura Pigma Micron, Black-.005 .01 .03 .05 .08, ,Red- .01
Color: Blick Studio Colored Pencils
Tile: 3.5" square Fabriano Tiepolo Stock.

Thanks to everyone who commented on last weeks Challenge. The challenges just keep getting better and better, and the submissions are fantastic, 

To see other challenge tiles for this week's Challenge and past Diva challenges, visit "IamTheDivaCZT's" Blog site.


  1. oh my goodness! such artistry. Truly, this is a magnificent goat (never thought that would be an utterance from my lips hahahaha) but he IS stunning. Love the gold color, and your choice of patterns is perfect for his shape.
    Now...isn't this so cool, but I found a brand new Mars plastic eraser just...in...my room. I think my cat may have fished it out of somewhere. She loves to carry stuff around in her mouth.
    I didn't think about that stamp carving discussion we had, though. But now I'll have something to do with the eraser! And I love the colors. The boldness is perfect and all the texture from your thumbprint! awesome!

  2. Gorgeous tiles and I especially love your goat! I'm going to try the eraser stamp too.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the coloring style and your goat looks great!

  4. I quite like your first tile with the inking colors! In my world this is not to much, and your tile for the challenge, is masterful! Some teacher along the way used the saying, "It's the values stupid!" I find that if something is not working that usually the values will fix things. Really Lovely! Carving stamps is fun. Mostly I have used in the past an Exacto Knife, the one with a thin point. Haven't had to use any other tools as that seems to have done the job. (Just a hint to try!) Have a great week David and I sure wish that I could join your group as it seems that you all have a great time!

    1. Thanks for the xacto knife tip, Kate. Our group is doing so well. We have wonderful friendly tanglers who are talented and enthusiastic, with great senses of humor. I wish you could join us as well. Thanks for your comments.

  5. David, I also wish I lived a "little" closer to Salt Lake City, so I could join the Intermountain Tanglers group. (Its quite a hike from Philly). I checked out your group website. It looks fun and "nourishing". I'll have to check out stamping too someday, but first, I'm just going to concentrate on attending the CZT training in Providence in April (#18). Thanks for sharing your first attempt with us. I actually like the vibrant colors. Your goat is simply fantastic. I tried drawing one too. Mine looks like a very ordinary goat (and actually, I'm probably giving myself too much credit. Maybe it doesn't even look like a goat at all!). Yours looks like a dragon goat, worthy of being the symbol of this year's Chinese Lunar New Year. I also looked up the Chinese symbol of goat (apparently, it's the same for goat and sheep). I thought that might be a recovering lawyer thing to do, but obviously its transcendent across multiple prior careers. :)

  6. Both tiles are really well done. And I agree with others, the colors on the first don't come across as too much at all.

  7. I thought I might be impressed with your take on the challenge this week, David. However, I am MORE than impressed!! I really love your stamped tile - love that you got in there with your fingers too! And your goat is quite frankly, a masterpiece. So difficult for me but yours flows and is so incredibly professional, it wouldn't surprise me if it became the official emblem of 'Year of the Goat.' Fantastic. Axxx

  8. Very nice tile with the colour! Looks wonderful. But your diva-challenge-goat-tile is really brilliant! I love how you used only a bit colour and the composition of the tile is perfect. When I saw it I just thought: "Oh my god, that is great!"
    Many greetings to you, Sandra

  9. Wow, David, Your goat tile is STUNNING!!! It has such a power feeling, so well drawn. Chapeau!!! The colored tile is fun, I wish you success!

  10. Your work is fantastic, David. I love the color, not bright at all to my eye, and I love that stamp work. The goat is just amazing.

  11. Great tile depicting the Chinese New Year of Goat!

  12. Both are beautiful but the goat is fantastic :)

  13. Beautiful work! Your first tile is a kovely mixture of colours and tangles. And your Goat... Wow!

  14. Like that first tile. I would probably end up cutting myself and wouldn't need any ink :). Your tile for the diva challenge is phenomenal.

  15. Brilliant tile with the goat! The first one is beautiful, too! Like the background coloring!

  16. I love your willingness not only to try new things, but to share them. It looks like you had a lot of fun with the stamps and inkpads...and isn't fun what it's all about? Your magnificent golden buck is just awesome - when that word meant "to be filled with awe". It combines the stylized goat with dragon elements, making it the perfect symbol for this challenge. As always, Great work!

  17. Wow, a fantastic fiery goat with heaps of character.

  18. I love your work this week! Now you have me itching to try some stamping stuff. I agree about the color names - they must employ the same people that name nail polish colors. I want that job! As for your Diva Challenge tile, I am just speechless. This is magnificent! I love the one little red rose that gives it just the right color balance, and the tangles you used are inspired. Tearce is one of my favorites, but I have never seen it used so well as you did here. Breathtaking!

  19. The line quality is excellent with its thick and thin variations. The golden color and red accent color are nicely used. Your tangle choices flow very elegantly within your tile. Beautiful work!

  20. Wow!!! Your goat is totally amazing and beautifully done. Your detailed tiles are always so beautifully done, definitely by a true artistic talent. I am glad that you have found stamp carving. I did a bit of that in the early 90's when I was doing a lot of rubber stamping and card making, so I have a few erasers still around. I may have to give it a go again sometime soon. This group is so wonderful for that, not only for the Zentangle inspiration, but for ALL kinds of inspiration. Absolutely stunning work David!