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  1. Hi David, I went exploring through your sketchbook and was filled with admiration. The detail and range of patterns used is impressive and, as I looked at them chronologically, I could see how your style is developing. The ones where you use a limited colour palette somehow appeal the most but you really are stretching your boundaries all the time. Keep it up, your work is a pleasure to visit. Like the Terminator, well, not much like him, i hope, "I'll be back..."

    1. Thanks for your comment, MaggieBee. I love your Blog. Your gift of story telling is wonderful. Keep Tangling.....

  2. love piggy back feathers in your second sketchbook! wow! a real work of art

  3. What fun to see your sketchbooks--really enjoyed going through them. Have fun at CZT training; you'll be a fabulous CZT.