Monday, August 25, 2014

Challenge #182- "Stripes"

This weeks IamTheDiva Challenge is "Stripes".

Patterns used:
1-Shard-Carole Ohl
3-Slalom-Sandra Strait
4-Sonnenband-Simone Bischoff
5-Snugs-Terri Brown
7-Spinners-Suzanne McNeill
8-Sugar Cane-Suzanne McNeill

Tile Size: 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

Color: Colored Pencils, Pigma Micron.

The design for this weeks challenge seemed like a good idea at the time it was started, but it ended up kind of cluttered. In an attempt to make it a bit more coherent, I attempted to color it. Now there is more color that I normally like to use.

Thanks for your Comments on last weeks Challenge. They are very much appreciated.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Diva Challenge #181-Water

This weeks "I am the Diva Challenge #181," is "Water."

Patterns I used that I know the names for are:
1-Waves, Rain, and Droplets, Susanne, McNeill.
2-PrinTemps, and Diva Dance-ZenTangle.

Tile Size: 3.5 x3.5 "

Last weeks "Mouse" caper has been resolved. There is a new mouse in town. The old mouse did receive it's much deserved Lobotomy and is resting comfortably at an undisclosed rest home in a small town that is yet to be hooked up to the modern day power grid.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Challenge #180 last week.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Diva Challenge #180- Use My Tangle (UMT Challenge), MacDee by Anneke Van Dam

This weeks challenge is to use the Pattern, "MacDee" created by Anneke Van Dam. Thanks Anneke, your pattern is a great background, fill pattern.

Apologies for the double entry on the Diva"s Mr Linkey. My mouse is dying, and the single-click button is double firing and I'm getting all kinds of unwanted results. While attempting to get the link to this weeks challenge, when I clicked on the link entry of Mr Linky, the unwanted stutter click of my mouse fired off and sent the entry from last week's challenge which was already in that entry before I could paste the new entry in. This is too embarrassing. I don't know why the old stuff from last week is in Mr. Linky. I wish it was blank instead. Sorry. My mouse needs a lobotomy
Patterns used:
1-MacDee-Anneke Van Dam.
2-Waverly-Cindy Angtel
3-Yagi-Lizzie Mayne

Tile Size: 3.5" x 3.5".
Note: Patterns 2 and 3 are combined.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Diva Challange #179- Bijou

"I am the Diva" challenges us to Tangle on a Bijou size Tile. A Bijou Tile is 2" x 2". This was a fun challenge, and I got carried away. The small Tile size is pretty small, and drawing at that scale is tricky. Not impossible, but ones design approach is limited. However you can draw them up pretty fast, so I did five of them. Bijou can take his pick, then send the other four home to his family in Paris.

I drew a full size (3.5 x 3.5 inch) Tile of Bijou. It has be posted to my Sketchbook #2 page, if you are interested in viewing this cute little guy, check there.

The specs are:
Tile Size: 2" x 2"
Pens: Pigma Micron, .01, Black, Red, Yellow, Tiara.
Patterns used are captioned with each Tile.

BTW, take special note of the Patterns used on the second Tile. Ooples is a very new pattern by Annette Carlo, one of our own very active Diva Challenge participants. The Oople Pattern step out is right here.

"RiverStones", Lori Howe

"Ooples," Annette Carlo,
"LavaJuice," Carol Ohl

"AFog," Kathy Redmond.

"PiggyBack Feathers," LuAnn Kessi.

"Pop't," Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT.

Thanks so much to all those who commented on my last weeks challenge. Each one of you are awesome.

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