Monday, November 24, 2014

Diva Challenge #195- Turning Old into New

Sandy Hunter, CZT®, is this weeks Guest Host for Laura Harms weekly Diva Challenge. She has challenged us to take a Grid pattern and make something out of it, or put a pattern into a grid.. I Took a bit of artistic license and chose to use "Bilt" by Lisa Skeen. It is not really a grid pattern, but it is a bit ridgid in its construct. I liked the "M" shape that is within, "Bilt," and chose to make it an independent object that could be scattered around. It has modest possibilities. I'm very relieved that I was not asked to use my off hand like last weeks challenge.

Thanks Sandy, this was a fun challenge.

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Thanks to everyone who so graciously left comments on last weeks Challenge. You are so appreciated.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Diva Challenge #194-Embracing the Yuck

This weeks Guest Host is: Elisa Murphy, CZT 15. Elisa has us Embrasing the Yuck for this weeks Diva Challenge. We are to show solidarity and support for Laura and  fellow Zentanglers who are forced to face feelings of unsteadyness and powerlessness. Elisa's term for this is, "Embracing the Yuck."

We are to use our non-dominant hand to draw, color and shade this weeks Challenge Tile. Those unlucky souls who use both hands with equal dexterity must hold their pen like it was a microphone and draw their Tile. That sound way more difficult a task. Which ever group you fall into, this is going to prove to be a Challenge. A very unsteady one.

We were not directed to use any particular patterns so here are the patterns I used.
2-Diva Dance
3-Poke Root

Tile Size: 3.5" square - Tiepolo Stock.
Sakura Micron Pigma Pen .01, Black
Color: Dick Blick Studio Colored Pencils

I am very surprised that this challenge turned out as well as it did. My left hand can not be relied on for drawing, or anything else. When I was in the work force, as a mechanic, I would hold a punch in my leftt hand to be hit by a big hammer in my right. On occasion I would actually hit the punch. I had no idea this challenge would turn out at all using my less than happy left mitt. My right hand kept dancing around trying to snatch the pen away from the left. It was interesting watching these strange wobbly and unpredictable lines and forms appear. My left did do surprisingly well drawing the stipples.

It's all fun, and Elisa, as well as the other guest hosts this month, have given us some fabulous challenges.

Thanks for the comments left on last weeks Diva Challenge #193, TriTangle.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Diva Challenge #193-TriTangle

The guest Host for the Diva Challenge this week is Holly Atwater. She has challenged us to use three patterns. Trio (Hanny Waldburger), Huggins, and Xyp (Zentangle). The initials of these Patterns spell out THX. (As in Thanks which is what the ThanksGiving holiday is all about.)

Thanks Holly for stepping up as the Guest Host this week.

Tile size: 3.5" square. Pens Sukura Micron Pigma .01, Black, Red.

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Thanks to everyone leaving Comments on last weeks challenge, "Use My Tangle". 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Diva Challenge #192-UMT (Use My Tangle)

This week we have a guest Host for the IamTheDiva Challenge. Cris Letourneau. The challenge is to user Cris's Tangle, "Seton." Cris and Daughter worked on creating a Step-Out of a pattern in the Window of her Church, Seton Parish.

In practicing this Pattern, I started to work with the design a bit and came up with a tanglation of the original pattern. It was a very fun pattern to work with and it presents a lot of potential for a wide range of design experimentation. Thanks Cris. I just bought your book, "Pattern Play" two days ago, and it was great seeing your step-out for Seton on page 62. A fortuitous and timely purchase.

1- Tile 3.5 " square, Tiepolo stock.
2- Pens: Sakura Micron Pigma.01, Black, Red.
3- Colored Pencils- Blick Studio, 72 colors (222063-0729)

This weeks Challenge was a fun one.

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Thanks for all of the wonderful comments left on last weeks two responses to the "Betweed" challenge. That was a fun one, too.