Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exploring Water Color Pencil-Pre Color

Today I finally tried to pre-color a Tile with Water Color Pencils. Pens used Sakara Micron Pigma 01, black and red. Water Color Pencils by Loew Cornell.

Patterns: Finery Zen; Cruffle, Sandy Hunter: FeatherFall (?): Jetties,Zen: Msst, Zen, Athitzi, Seven; Onamato, Zen; Meer, Zen; Shattack, Zen, Stripes (?), XYP, Zen; Croon, Margaret Bremner.

This was a fun Tile to draw. I like the way the color turned out. It was interesting to ink on top of the color rather than Ink first, then color. The over all design is a bit simplistic and could have been carried a bit further. 


  1. Diese Fliese ist sehr schön und die Farbe ist wie der Frühling. Bei dem Muster ist mit unter weniger mehr, mir gefällt es sehr gut.

  2. Beautiful with lots of movement! I did a similar thing a couple weeks ago with Tombow water color markers, where I put down the color first. The highlights in the color are like magic when you start tangling! Fun!

  3. I'm glad you didn't go further! Love the movement and white space!

  4. love it! It reminds me of a yellow, did you get your Beatles songs mixed up? hahahaha a yellow octopus's submarine garden under the sea ha