Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why sleep when you can Create...

I had one of those evenings last night, where bed time snuck up on me, and I went through the motions one would routinely do. But, no sleep for me. Good, back onto the internet, and hunt for more patterns. While waiting for the Sandman to quit fooling around and do his job, my sketchbook magically opened to a blank page and the challenge was on.

I like to draw practice sketches. Like most Tangle Projects, no objective or goal was in mind. The idea of just letting things flow is, to me, one of the mysteries and major attractions of the ZenTangle art. I can only imagine how unbelievable it will be once I have developed a stocked toolbox of practiced Tangle Patterns.

Here are the two strange pieces that appeared, certainly influenced by the time frame of their creation.

I can't wait to see what drawings are yet to come. It's a curious course we follow, with pen in hand, as we carefully slip open the door to the creative time. 

(The Sandman did finally do his job. If he keeps messing up, I'm changing agencies.)



  1. It's like awake dreams! that's why you couldn't sleep!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Agnes. I'll be watching for those awake dreams. I have enough trouble with the sleeping kind.

  2. I love the spontaneity and liveliness of these. They're both great.

    1. Hi, Jennifer. I like doing these "No Planner Tangle" projects. I'm surprised when they turn out even slightly interesting. Not all do, but the few that come together are a treat. Thanks for your comments.