Sunday, May 25, 2014

Patterns Explored: JaJazz and D-Vine.

Two very nice Tangle Patterns were the objects of my explorations today.

1- Nancy Newlin's JaJazz, and
2- Debbie Perdue's D-Vine.

Both of these patterns have a very nice, smooth flow to them, and are easy to draw. If you are unfamiliar with these two patterns, check them out. They are great additions to my Sketch Book and have been added to my EverNotes program. Currently over 200 patterns have been collected in my EverNotes. This is a program to be checked out. It does a lot, but for me, its ability to index my patterns is enough. A Little Lime's Helen Williams, recommends this program, and that was good enough for me. It was apparent that it would be a wonderful tool to help organize all of the Tangle Patterns that are available. Thanks Helen, you are awesome.


I chose to concentrate on JaJazz's "Off the Grid" approach. The eloquent simplicity of JaJazz quickly morphed into more complex expressions.

 Both of these images show a step-out for one possibility of creating Tanglations of JaJazz. Unlimited possibilities are open to a wide range of artistic interpretation. Go for it.


D-Vine is a wonderful pattern. It can be used as a fill or a boarder, or random spotting. It lays down on your Tile smoothly and looks exceptional. It is a new favorite of mine. My sister is going to love this one. She loves the floral component in her pattern selections.

Here is my version of a step out for D-Vine. This is the grid version.
(Click here for Debbie's version.)

Below is my Tile using D-Vine.

Let these patterns speak for themselves, and if you hear what they are saying, have fun drawing them. 



  1. Great work! love the fluidity of this and the touch of colour just adds to the effect :)

    1. Thanks Lila. You are my first Comment. I love your blog. Beautiful work. You are an inspiration...

    2. Thank you kindly - I like what I'm seeing so far :)

  2. Brilliant idea to use Evernote. I use it all the time but hadn't even thought to use it for tangle patterns. I love your work, by the way. Can't believe you're such a recent convert to Zentangle - talk about taking to it like a duck to water!

    1. Hi Saffi. The EverNotes program is something else. It was Helen Williams who put me onto the EverNotes use for organizing Tangle Patterns. I just loaded EverNotes onto my Kindle Fire. Now I'm portable with all of my Patterns. Very efficient technology. Thanks for the comment, Saffi.

  3. Absolutely beautiful tile with D-Vine. You're really gifted. :)

    1. Thank you, Lily. I like the D-Vine pattern a lot. It'll be sprouting up in the future for sure. I like organic patterns. Horse Chestnut by Lizie Mayne is a particular favorite, as are "Gum Leaves" and "Morning Glory", by Helen Williams.