Monday, June 30, 2014

Evolution Thing-a-ma-gig.

This TIA evolved in a random fashion over the last several days. No String was used, or harmed in the production of this Tangle. What else can I say, it is weird.

The main Patterns used are:
2-Blooming Butter
7-ZipLine (This is my first designed pattern. It was inspired by a printing press part. (Brake Disk Lining in Main Drive Motor of HD 102 6-color 40" sheetfed press.) It can be found on the left edge of the Tangle. It looks like a narrow notched band with regularly spaced holes in it.

Plus several other patterns whose names are temporarily on vacation and won't be back until my memory is repaired.

I'm including both the Ink only, and the Shaded/Colored versions.

You'll notice that the Nzeppel and Ahh are only in the shaded/colored version. This is typical as the evolution thing is a strong force, and can break out at any time there is drawing activity on the piece. 

That's it, Bye.


  1. This is seriously awesome! Love. It. Now what is that pattern on the lower right, kind of like stringy Hollibaugh with beads running through it?

    1. That sad little pattern, is a wayfaring orphan, homeless, underfed, and ignored by all the other more energetic patterns with pedigrees and fancy titles. Hopefully, one day, a nice name will emerge that will be fitting the strong sincere heart that beats within. I am pleased, Jennifer, that you have placed the warm glow of attention on our new little friend. You are absolutely correct, it started out to be a stringy Hollibaugh. Soon, a troop of traveling Musical Beads populated this tempting structure and made it their temporary home. Hopefully a crust of bread may be earned from the few passersby who, if they listen very carefully, may be able to discern the sweet strains of exotic hamonies and feel benevolent, and place a few coins in the tattered hat that lays upon the ground. From such tender beginnings anything is possible. Thanks for your Comments, Jennifer.